About the Role of North- and Baltic Sea during 
Winter 2013/14 and human impact!

Started on 03 January 2014, and will be continued.

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   Part 2: North Atlantic dominated December 2014 weather in Europe
Continental Asian cold was hold at bay.

06 January 2014, (2007seatraining_1412b)  
ADDED 08 January 2014 (U.S.A. – Brutal, historic, record-setting cold) →→→GO

 Any identification of an anthropogenic role on mild December 2013 in Europe diminishes proportionally with the strength of North Atlantic weather machine, which was strong during the last few weeks, which may be illustrated by the following weather maps  

 Fig. 1;   03 Dec. 2013

Fig. 2; 19 Dec. 2013

Fig. 3, 27 Dec. 2013

Fig. 4, 06 Jan. 2014

 This should be not too much a surprise as sea surface temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere is above normal, in the eastern Pacific particularly high (Fig. 5 & 6).

Fig. 5; Global SST anomalies – 04 Dec. 2013

Fig. 6; Global SST anomalies – 06 Jan. 2014

 As the sea ice in the Arctic is often refereed to, to explain one or the other situation, we reproduce data of ‘sea ice extent’ in 2013, and a map of Arctic sea ice anomaly per 1st. January 2013 (Fig. 7 & 8):  

Fig. 7,  Arctic sea ice extent in 2013

Fig. 8, Arctic Sea Ice Anomaly -01 Jan. 2014

 Early January 2014 sea ice is almost not existing, and significantly below average, see Fig. 9 & 11 versus Fig. 10.

Fig. 9; 30.Dec. 2013

Fig. 10; Mean - 01 Jan

Fig. 11; 06 Jan.2014

Fig. 12; Mean -11-Jan.

 The high positive SST anomalies in North- and Baltic Sea have already been mentioned in Part 1 (12a; Fig. 2-4). For the record also the temperature profile at some Baltic Stations is shown – Status 06. Jan.2014 - , Fig. 13 – 18.

Fig. 13


Fig. 15

Fig. 16

Fig. 17

Fig. 18

 It seems there is a small plus currently compared to conditions last years (per 31. December 2012):  

Fig. 19

Fig. 20

Fig. 21

1st Part (03 Jan.2014)    
 Part 3: (08 Jan. 12014)

ADDED 08 January 2014 (U.S.A. – Brutal, historic, record-setting cold)

For the record: Partly reprint from:



U.S.A. – Brutal, historic, record-setting cold; By Robert On January 7, 2014

An historic and deadly freeze locked almost the entire United States  under subfreezing temperatures Tuesday, closing schools, delaying trains and buses, and forcing cancellation of more than 9,000 flights.

Single-digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures (-18 to -13 C) were recorded as far south as Georgia and Alabama , and parts of Minnesota dropped to 25 degrees below zero.

Single digits in Alabama ! Look on a map. Alabama is in the deep south, the last state on your way to the Gulf of Mexico .

Records fall

___A 118-year-old record fell in Central Park in New York , where it was 5 F (-15 C), the coldest ever for Jan. 7.

___Falling to minus 16 F (-27 C) Monday’s subzero temperatures broke records in Chicago .

Meanwhile, in Fort Wayne , Indiana , the mercury fell to 13 below (-25C), breaking yet another long-___

___Records also fell in Oklahoma and Texas , where wind chills dropped to 40 below (-40 C) and colder.

___Temperatures 20 to 40 degrees below average were reported in parts of Montana , North Dakota , South Dakota , Minnesota , Iowa , Wisconsin , Michigan and Nebraska .

___In Nashville , Tennessee , temperatures dropped to 8 F (-13 C) at 6:00 pm, and were expected to drop even further, to 4 F (-15 C).

___Even the coal fields of Virginia and West Virginia had a wind chill of negative 35 (-37 C).

It got so cold that a Chicago zoo had to move its polar bear and penguins inside, CNN reports. Some 15 deaths have been blamed on the cold, including 11 in traffic accidents.

___Schools were closed as far south as Atlanta , where the morning wind child was 9 below (-23 F). Classes were canceled for a second day in Minneapolis and Indianapolis .

___Hard freeze warnings for Tuesday extended all the way south to the Gulf Coast . In Texas , one utility asked people to turn down the thermostat because power capacity was running low.

___In fact, freezing temperatures could reach as far south as Florida , said Brian Korty, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

___With parts of western New York under a blizzard warning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in 14 counties and ordered parts of the New York Thruway closed on Monday night. Interstate 65 in Indiana reopened Tuesday morning, but drivers were still urged to take it slow.

___Snow off the Great Lakes was falling as fast as 4 inches per hour.

___In New York City , where it was 55 degrees yesterday, temperatures are forecast to plunge to minus 6 (-21 C), tying the record low for the day, according to the New York Times.









Part 1 (03 Jan.2014)  
Mild December 2013 caused by off-shore wind farms 
and human activities in North- and Baltic Sea ?
Will winter 2013/14 show an anthropogenic impact?

Part 3: (08 Jan. 12014)